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Learn these etiquette from our fantastic Image consultant and Style Coach Jasmine Arora from Imagicians

We know you're excited to share your happiness with the world, however, remember to share the big news with your inner circle first before updating it on Social Media.

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Avoid putting up intimate photos (of kissing etc) with your partner on Social Media as it doesn't look very classy.

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While it's not possible to keep everyone happy, however, this is the time to acknowledge the contribution of those in your life who have been there for you when the chips were down. Take special care of them without offending others.

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Do not call someone for the engagement if you don't wish to call them for the Big Day.

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Agreed we are in the Jet age, still do not skip on Inviting guests personally. Simply emailing a card without a personal word on it can be offensive. If you're busy, then, one of your close family members like your parents or siblings can do it on your behalf.            

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