Rejoice and bask in the amazement of your beautiful day with the wedding planners at Desert Pearl Entertainment.

They are the specialists of tailor made events. Let’s give you a sneak peek on two of the themes they have done for some weddings.

Moroccan Theme

Fascinated about the land of spices and the markets of Marrakesh? Then, have a whimsical wedding with an oriental Middle Eastern touch. Desert Pearl will do this vibrant theme with lanterns, cushions, candles, gold damask tablecloths, low sofas and ottomans and everything that is in the hues of orange, fuchsia pink and purple.

This enchanting theme is all about fine elegance and chic details. The fusion of vibrancy and creativity will bring out the festive cheer in your day of love.

Have no doubt that your Moroccan themed wedding will be remembered by your guests for ages.

Punjab theme

If you are a proud Punjabi or just fascinated by this land of super fun and awesomeness, we assure you that no one can do this theme better than Desert Pearl Entertainment.

The Keep Calm and Bolo tararara Banners will keep your guests chuckling, while the gleaming colorful sunglasses and the bright bangles will make for perfect pictures and give aways.

The theme will be perfected with age old chaarpayis, the charkha wheel inspired floral dream catchers, spinning wheels and what not to keep the vibe alive and fun.

So give it in the hands of the professionals at Desert Pearl and have the wedding of your dreams.

Their efficiency and innovation will leave no stone unturned for making your day the epitome of perfection.


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  • Babita Sinha18/Dec/2016

    Punjabi theme appears interesting!